Person with a tray of pies on her head is offering two hot pies to a homeless person and his dog who are dossing in a doorway.
The Scottish Word:


Here ye go pal. Free peh’s for the moutit an no forgetting yir wee birsie dug.

The wicked coont their worth by the gowd they haud.

And the guid coont their worth by the acts they mak.

But we here in Scotland are happy tae measure oor guid worth in peh’s.


moutit: moulted, shabby, scruffy.

Here you are my boy. Free pies for the scruffy and not forgetting your little hairy dog.

The wicked count their worth by the amount of gold they collect.

And the good count their worth by the actions they take.

But we in Scotland are happy to measure our goodly worth in pies.

The Scottish Word: moutit with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

This idea came about because I was passing time on Twitter and someone tweeted how her pals right wing dad was overheard saying that the left wing was all about giving free pies to the scruffy. She had to tweet about it under the hashtag #freepiesforthescruffy

I made a version of this cartoon right away.

I often think the measure of people is how they speak of others. Or in how they treat them, especially when there is no chance of reward.

So does that mean the right wing would never give anything away for nothing? And not being smartly turned out – does that always equate to unworthy?

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