Man yelling into hatch opened on the side of a lead box worn on another's head.
The Scottish Word:


Yir leid lid’s nae yis as protection agin the 5G mast Covid 19 transmitter. Which is shite onywye.

Especially if’n awbody has tae open a hatch tae spik te ye.

Yer intae overkill wi this.

Keepin yer distance, wearin a mask when ye canni, an washin yer hauns afen an weel, are aw that’s needed tae tak care wiselike o yersel ahn ithers.

Yer no specially at risk oniewey ya muppet!


leid: lead.

Your lead lid is no use as protection against the 5G Covid 19 transmitter. Which is complete rubbish anyway.

Especially if everybody has to open the hatch to speak to you.

You are into overkill with this.

Keeping your distance, wearing a mask when you cannot, and washing your hands often and thoroughly, are all that’s needed to reasonably take care of yourself and others.

You are not especially at risk anyway. You fool!

The Scottish Word: Leid with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Wearing Masks

I made this graphic below that I adapted from the original urine and masks meme to vent my growing frustration at the numpties that think you can get a virus from a 5G transmitter, or that a mask can starve your brain of oxygen, and/or overload you with CO2, or it infringes your right to freedom, or is a thing fascist dictators might first choose to control your minds and actions. FFS.

Info graphic on why you should wear a mask.

Pissing into the wind – I know – but feel free to share it anyway.

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