Long armed masked hero disables and disarms mugger.
The Scottish Word:


Weel done lankie airmed man.

Yiv saved me frae a robbin an gien the badjin a crookit nebbit.

Mairie me – ah’ll sing yer sang.

“The lankie airm man’s
no a snarkie deil man,
he’s a knardy knotty rousie man
tae dunt the deil oan the pan.
Oan the pan.
Tae dunt the deil oan the pan.”

It’s a leap year.


lankie: long and thin.

Well done long thin arm man.

You have saved me from being robbed and given the bad person a bent nose.

Marry me – I will sing your song.

“The long thin arm man
is not a petty critical man,
he’s a tough solid restless man
to knock the wicked on the head.
On the skull or face or head.
To knock the wicked on the head.”

It’s a leap year.

The Scottish Word: lankie with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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