Wee man with slingshot about to take on a giant amongst professional soldiers.
The Scottish Word:


Weel Devitt, ye ken yer nithin but a nacket. Ahn a peedie een at that.

Whit d’ye think ye can dae agin sic a slee sicker o a sodger as the muckle Goliath yonder.

An whit’s this doon here aw aboot? A sporran foo o stanes ahn a muckle gillie’s guttie.

Neen o that’s autorised gibbles. I should hae ye up oan a chairge.


nacket: youth, small neat person.

Well David, you know that you’re nothing but a youth. And a feeble one at that.

What do you think you can you do against such a skilled and stable soldier as the huge Goliath yonder.

And what’s this down here all about? A sporran full of stones and a large sportsman’s catapult.

None of that’s authorised kit. I should have you up on a charge.

The Scottish Word: nacket with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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