A displeased Frankenstein's monster with a tiny transplanted hairy hand.
The Scottish Word:


Ah kent ah wiz ill-hung-thegither but this is takin the piss.

Hoo’d ye jine a puggie’s haun that size tae sic a muckle airm like mine an get it tae work?

It IS a puggie’s haun, is it? IS it?

It better no be some wee hairy bairn yiv cut up for the haun or I’ll pert yer heid frae yer shudders.

I’ll swing fur ye.


ill-hing-thegither: awkwardly knit, clumsily built,

I knew that I was unnaturally and badly put together but this is taking it absurdly too far.

How did you join a monkey’s hand that size to such a large arm as my own and get it to function?

It IS a monkey hand is it not? IS it?

It had certainly better not be some little hairy child that you have cut up for the hand or I shall part your head from your shoulders.

I shall surely swing on the gallows for you.

The Scottish Word: ill hung thegither with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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