wee man under a bowler hat on a Scotsman's head.
The Scottish Word:


Noo loun, fur I see that ye are a loun.

Ah’d prefer if ye had troosers on afore ye sit doon.

Kin ye just squat like, but no touch, fur the time being so’s ah can pit oan mha bowler.

Noo – ye dinni need tae bide unner mha hat oot o fear even if we dinni ken whit ye are.

As long as ye want tae be here ahn yer on a Scotsman or staunin on Scottish soil ye can caw yersel Scots.

We’re verry guid that wey.

But yet, ahm no virry keen o yer bare doup touchin mha heid long-term, Scotsman or no.



loun: male youth, boy.

Now young man, for I see that you are a young male. I would prefer if you had trousers on before you sit down.

Can you just squat like, but not make contact, for the time being so as I can put on my bowler hat.

Now – you do not need to stay under my hat out of fear even if we do not know what you are.

As long as you want to be here and you are on a Scotsman or standing on Scottish soil you can call yourself Scots.

We’re very good that way.

But yet I’m not very keen on your bare bottom touching my head long-term, Scotsman or not.


The Scottish Word: loun with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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