Man in a barber chair while an android hairless blue android with a sharp cutthroat razor prepares to soap him up with a foam covered shaving brush.
The Scottish Word:


Ah’ve jist telt ye that it’s jist mha neb herrs I’m wantin dealt wi here.

I ken yir jist an artificial intelligence inside that hairless blue plastic napper o yours. But thers gibbles particular tae sneckin neb hair taits ye ken.

Did naebuddy program ye tae use other gibbles aside frae yir comb scissors and razor?

Seems tae me that AI stauns for Artificial Idiot. For a gibble yer a bit o a futtle.


futtle: inefficient or useless instrument or tool, a botcher.

I have just told you that it’s only my nose hairs I’m wanting dealt with here.

I do know you’re just an artificial intelligence inside that hairless blue plastic head of yours. But there are tools particular to pruning nose hair tufts you know.

Did they not program you to use other tools besides just your comb scissors and razor?

I think AI stands for Artificial Idiot. For a tool you’re a bit of a tool.

The Scottish Word: futtle with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

A.I. Things That Can Go Wrong:

Concept drift; the underlying assumptions of a trained model become outdated as new data is generated.
Covariate shift; if the data used to train the model differs from the data it encounters during deployment.
Intelligence?? AI models don’t truly “think” like humans. They process data using patterns and statistical analysis, which vastly differ from human cognition.
Control? The issue is not AI itself. The issue is control.”
François Chollet

Stochastic Parrots?

“Generative AI and large language models provide false information and are prone to hallucination—where an AI simply makes stuff up, and gets it wrong. Hopes of a quick fix to the hallucination problem via supervised learning, where these models are taught to stay away from questionable sources or statements, will prove optimistic at best.”
Daron Acemoglu​​ the Elizabeth and James Killian Professor of Economics at MIT.

Google is almost unusable for finding meaningful content due to the amount of AI garbage that has already been generated.

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