The Scottish Word:

Droon the Miller.

Is that it!? Yiv a peerie measure an a richt droont-miller haun aboot ye min, tae my ee. God sink ye!

Ah’ve a guid mind tae rethink mha magnanimity in victory an insteid o drinkin yer health keel haul ye.

Droon the miller? Indeed!


droon the miller: add too much water to the whisky

You have a remarkably over generous hand with the water jug and a notion of dealing very small measures about you sir, to my eye. God sink you!

I have a good mind to rethink my magnanimity in victory an instead of drinking your health keel haul you.

Drown the whisky!? Indeed!

drun ðɪ mɪlər
The Scottish Word: droon the miller with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

God Sink Ye.

God Sink Ye was an expletive I heard a lot of growing up amongst my uncles. Particularly in the company of my dauntless uncle Davy Cormack who had Multiple Sclerosis.

The MS symptoms often frustrated the progress of what he did in his big workshop where I was often his assistant from as far back as my memories go.

I suspect it was a polite swear compared to what might have been said if the ears of such a young nephew hadn’t been around.

This drawing was done in later years when I was an art student and he’d downsized to a garden shed workshop. Even then he swore politely.

Drawing of a man in a wheelchair dismantling an electric motor in his workshop in the 1970s.
A drawing from life of my uncle Davy Cormack in his smaller workshop in his later years in the 1970s.

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