Night watchman confronting his own wraith in the smoke and sparks of the night brazier.
The Scottish Word:


Fie! Awa wi ye! I dinni believe in wraiths, ah’ve no reached my three score an ten yet, nivir mind the rest.

Awa an gie me peace tae enjoy my smoke o extra strong special baccy, my wee hip flask o mony nips and a wee bite o pork pie an lard I aye keep in my pooch.

I’m fine by this smoky brazier. It’s no that cauld. Awa wraith, Awa!


wraith: An apparition of a living person taken as an omen of their death – not necessarily appearing directly to the person who’s life is the one in question

Fie! Away with you! I do not believe in wraiths, I’ve not yet reached my three score years and ten, never mind the rest.

Away and give me peace to enjoy my smoke of extra strong special tobacco, my little hip flask of many measures and a little bite of pork pie and lard that I always keep in my pocket.

I’m fine by this smoky brazier. It’s not that cold. Be away wraith, Be away!

The Scottish Word: wraith with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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