Cross dressing dad seeing his child safely off to school.
The Scottish Word:


Hoi – dinni forget yer denner-poke. It’s got a leaky jeelie donut, a slice o fried clootie dumplin wi pickle an a potted heid piece wi HP sauce.


denner-poke: lunch-bag.

Hey – don’t forget your bag with your lunch. It’s got a leaky jam donut, a slice of fried suet pudding with pickle and a brawn preserve sandwich with HP sauce.

The Scottish Word: denner-poke with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

This is not a caricature. I started off with a stocky bloke intending him to be a cross dresser but he got less stocky and drifted nearer and nearer to Grayson Perry so I went with the flow.

It’s not a caricature because I didn’t make a total effort to really capture the likeness although to me Grayson Perry is an inspiration. He was the artist that convinced me that not all contemporary art was about taking the piss and that the Turner Prize sometimes gives it to real artists.

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