Walrus type alien being given a manicure with wooden planes and files from a woodworker.
The Scottish Word:


Hoo’d a thoucht that yer cranniewanny clook wid be as teuch tae manicure as yer ither clooks eh?

Did ye ken I mak doon the nail shavins an sell the pouder as sneeshin?

An I must say a braw sneesh it gies ye inaw.

Some folk pey guid siller fur it as a medicine an aw ye ken.

Dae ye no think we look alike?


cranniewanny: pinky, little finger.

Who would have thought that yer pinky claw would be as tough to manicure as your other claws eh?

Did you know I grind up the nail shavings and sell the powder as snuff.

And I have to say a splendid sneeze it gives one as well.

Some people pay a good price for it as a medicine too you know.

Do you not think we look alike?

The Scottish Word: cranniewanny with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

The Lewis Chessmen.

The Lewis Chessmen are made of Walrus ivory. They were found at Uig bay in Lewis in the Outer Hebrides Scotland. They reckon they were carved in the 12th Century.
Berserker of the Lewis Chessmen.

By Rob Roy: Beserker, Lewis Chessmen, British Museum, CC BY 2.0,

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