The Orangutan, AKA the librarian, about to bring a cheeky grimoire back under lock and key. It used a file hidden in a bookmark to escape.
The Scottish Word:


Whaur’s that damn puggie that caws hissel a librarian ya beardie bulfie?

I’ll teach him tae keep the likes o me me cheyned up oan the shelf aside a lot o lesser buiks foo o peetifu cantrips an cantrums only fit fur bairnies. Nithin’s like me.

Bring the puggie forth!


cheyne, chine, chene, cheen: chain.

Where’s that damn monkey that calls himself a librarian you bearded more rotund than average oik.

I will teach him to keep me chained on the shelf beside a lot of lesser books full of pitiful spells and mischief only fit for infants. Nothing’s like me.

Bring the monkey forth!

The Scottish Word: cheyne with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

April the 4th was National School Librarian Day. Who invents those titles for the days in a year? Have we run out yet?

Anyway – this week the Illustrated Scottish Word is dedicated to all librarians everywhere and to the value of libraries that let us find things that we didn’t even know we wanted to find.

Unlike the Internet that tries, so hard, to find us only the things it imagines we want to find, learnt from peering over our shoulder at what we’ve already found.

In ever decreasing circles.

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