Two great big fat green fly holding a man up by his braces.
The Scottish Word:


“I’m sick o humphin his muckle bouk frae rink tae rink an side tae side. If he’s no willin tae tak his dunts n dings like a man he’ll never learn. Let him fa.”


bouk: body of a person.

“I am fed up of carrying his great carcass from rink to rink and from side to side. If he is not willing to take his lumps like a grown up he will never learn. Let him fall.”

The Scottish Word: bouk with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Illustration Friday. suspend.

7 thoughts on “Bouk.

    1. Going by the context I’d say it’s the word bowk or bouk which means retching or vomiting and I imagine it’s Hugh’s initial comment on the turkey’s inability to sing.

      I’m in the habit of spelling and pronouncing it boak but the Scots dictionary gives bowk [bʌuk] as an accepted pronunciation and spelling.

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