Flotilla of ducks sail past under a roof of umbrellas as a couple wade against the torrent on the road.
The Scottish Word:


Noo ahm pure certain this’s a bensell o a teem doun.

That’s the first this year ahv seen o the deuks wi brollies.

Ahn the state o the road’s no helpin either.


bensell: force, a strong inclination, vigorous action.

Now I am certain for sure that this is a vigorous downpour.

That is the first time this year I have seen the ducks with umbrellas.

And the condition of the road is not helping either.

The Scottish Word: Bensell with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.


The end of this week two roads just below mine were just like this drawing except the water was brown. Totally impassable to pedestrians or cars.

We had a night of thunder and lightening and continuous downpour. The rain had stopped but the roads were still running like rivers when I walked the dog in the morning.

The following day neighbours were clearing rubble and handling rocks the size of babies heads that had been washed down from the hill above and also from the roads being excavated by the force. Deep potholes.

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