Danny Gray in his red mechanical swordfish in the comic strip Iron Fish
The Scottish Word:


Hoi ya yonker skellum watch what yer daein skeeterin aboot in that contraption.

Ye’ll hae the paint scarted oan mha new motor nippin them stanes like that.

Ahn ahl tell ye this! Efter I hae a word wi auld Lord Melchette yer faither’s wee trig everlastin nuclear battery’ll nivir sees the licht o day.

Unlike the blib yin in this car haein me caw the stairter haunle tae tae get it goin.


skellum: scamp, rogue, scoundrel.

Hoy you young scoundrel watch what you are doing skipping about in that contraption.

You will scratch the paint on my new car chipping the wall like that.

And I’ll tell you this! After I have a word with old Lord Melchette your father’s small neat nuclear battery’ll never be heard of again.

Unlike the weak thing in this car causing me to get it going with the starter handle.

The Scottish Word: Skellum with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Iron Fish.

Danny Gray and his red mechanical swordfish appeared in the strip Iron Fish from the 1940s to 1980s, off and on, in comics from DC Thompsons.

I loved tech so I still remember them from all these years ago – when cars did indeed feature starter handles in case the battery failed.

I was even able even to draw the mechanical fish without references. Checked anyway – I wasn’t too far off.

You can read an article about Ironfish on this blog about British comics.

Now it’s Real.

The Iron Fish first featured in 1940s and ran off and on in various versions until the 80s.

Now it is a real thing. Look at this video where the dive pilot launches Seabreacher the mechanical fish out of the water.

Seabreacher is a semi-submersible speedboat equipped with a 260hp supercharged engine and it can easily perform stunts such as a 360 degree barrel roll or a 180 degree backflip.

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