Mad evil scientist about to release the vicious genie from the bottle.
The Scottish Word:


Boss! Boss! Are ye mad? Mind yersel.

Threaten them aw ye want.

But if ye pap the tap aff the bottle then mind you’re the only one wi-oot onie protective gear.

And of aw folk, ye yersel ken whit an awesome pushionous veecious wee evil wirricow that thing in there is.


worricow, wirricow: a horrible type of demon.

Boss! Boss! Are you mad? Think about yourself.

Threaten them all you want.

But if you pop the top off the bottle then don’t forget that you are the only one not wearing any protective gear.

And of all people, you know what an awesome poisonous vicious evil little demon that thing in there is.

The Scottish Word: wirricow with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

You tube

Calling someone a tube in Scotland is an insult, well used. Mainly for someone who has done something stupid or acted stupidly.

Hence the thought bubble in the image; ‘You tube you’.

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