Cat at bottom of the tree a dog has managed to climb.
The Scottish Word:


It’s irrelevant that ye sprauchle up a tree cos ye hae a gastrous dreid o cats ya munce ye.

Trees is oor second hame. How dae ye no know that?

Onywye what cat’s gonna disreul itsell by takin wise o a cat frichtent dug.


sprauchle: climb laboriously, struggle, flounder.

It’s irrelevant that you clamber clumsily up a tree out of a phobia of cats you sorry fool you.

Trees are our second home. How is it that you do not know that?

Anyway what cat is going to disgrace itself by taking an interest in a cat frightened dog.

The Scottish Word: sprauchle with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

My Dog.

I often refer to my dog as monkey dog. Once over excited by a squirrel he managed scrabble up the bole of a big old gnarled tree to where it forked. Head height of an adult. If it’s enough off vertical and nobbled and rough enough for his paws to grip he’s up.

Tree stumps, vehicles, furniture, cliffs and rocks. Height doesn’t seem to matter as long as there’s a ledge or lump with surface enough to momentarily regroup and launch himself on.

He’s getting older now but still manages to surprise. Today I’d clambered onto a massive fallen pine trunk only to turn round and find him standing next to me with the look of ‘What’re we gonna do now eh? eh?”.
Max my dog on a Summer's day.

2 thoughts on “Sprauchle.

  1. As to the monkey dog – I have been using a term (I think I coined myself) for years now since my previous dog Darwin made me laugh with his own hijinks. I began telling him to knock off his dogmonkery when he acted silly… That’s tomfoolery as practised by a dog.

    1. Quite right. as you see I have a Jack Russel of sorts and he still scrambles up cliffs and trees like a mountain goat. His choice. I’ve never instigated it. I discourage it now because he often doesn’t know where one of his back legs is and he’s getting older and not so sharp.

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