A little red engine smoking a pipe.
The Scottish Word:


He’s been converted tae electric for years but took tae feuchin tae compensate.

His feuchie habit means I hae tae tak a pipe aff him at iviry station.

He disni like it. He misses his lum reekin.


feuch: To puff (at a pipe), to smoke.

He’s been converted to electric for years but took to smoking a pipe to compensate.

His smoking habit means I have to take his pipe off him at every station.

He doesn’t like it. He misses his chimney belching smoke.

The Scottish Word: feuch with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.


Ivor the engine sneaked in a bit at the end but it was mostly the Little Red Engine which was illustrated by Lesley Wood in the 1950s.
ittle Red Engine Book Cover.
I liked her simple but interesting design but my obsession with how things work waylay all attempts at simplification. The nuts and bolts creep in even when I’d rather they didn’t.

I was far too young to have seen these versions at the time but I do recollect seeing her Science Fiction covers since I was a SciFi fan in the 60s and onwards.

And I had ambitions even at that early age to be an illustrator and so paid attention to artwork.
Some of Lesley Woods’s covers here:
Lesley Wood illustrated book covers.

Electrical Transport.

A Scottish inventor Robert Anderson made a crude electric carriage around 1832/39.

Electric Trains.

The first known electric locomotive was built by Robert Davidson of Aberdeen in 1837. He later built a larger battery powered locomotive, named Galvani, exhibited at the Royal Scottish Society of Arts Exhibition in 1841. It hauled a load of 6 tons at 4 mph.

Custers last stand at The Little Bighorn of the Great Sioux War was in 1876.


DIY nuts and electricians will have noticed that the red and black wiring is from a previous era and is now replaced by brown and blue. And the exposure to touch of the brass wire connectors could be fatal depending on the voltage of the battery.

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