Comic: Countryside Ranger McPhiz turns into super ranger to reprimand severely a litter lout.
The Scottish Word:


McPhiz, Spud and Super Ranger.
[An aff duty meenit for Spud the Squirrel.]
[When … ]
Spud: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”
[Countryside Ranger McPhiz WAS haein a sowff anaw.]
Whang! Poomph!
Whipple! CRASH! clang!
Spud: “ERK!”
McPhiz: “A litter lout eh!”
“This caws fur derf an stere actioun.”
“I’ll hae tae use … The MAGIC BALACLAVA!”
[And so … donning the Magic Balaclava McPhiz becomes … ]
McPhiz: “AVALCALAB” the magic word.
[becomes the SUPER RANGER!]
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sowff: snooze, nap, mostly while snoring softly; to sing, hum, or whistle softly or under one’s breath.

Rather than unnecessarily translate the whole transcript; haein: having, aff: off, meenit: minute, sowff: snooze, inaw: as well, dunt: solid dull blow or strike, whang: with a clatter or thump, whipple: A shrill complaint, whine, squeal or the like, caws: calls, derf: bold, daring, stere: harsh, rigorous, actioun: legally call to account, bring retribution, hae tae: have to.

The Scottish Word: sowff with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Scottish Comic Book Day.

Scottish Comic Book Day falls on the last Saturday of each November but I thought I’d stretch it out over three weeks with three comic pages.

But in honesty I’m just being lazy. The three pages are from a yearly comic I made last century running from 88 to 90.

All I had to do was add some more colour to what was originally just a two colour print run (red and black).

Countryside Rangers.

Back in the day I used to help train Scottish Countryside Rangers and I have a great fondness for them and the work they do.

Litter Lout.

The second page, not shown, is where Super Ranger deals with the litter lout most severely.

No one was able to identify who Super Ranger was and the police were unable to find him or arrest him.

The litter lout survived and was fined £500. So think twice, please, before dropping your litter.

Bum Wiping.

Anyway. You should also know, that if you’re someone who throws litter on the ground rather than into a bin then those who see you think you don’t wipe your bum either. That’s what they’re thinking.

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