Wee mystic dwarf down mine giving advice to Idris the miner.
The Scottish Word:


Hey Idris ye ken hoo yer mates are gollerin doon the shank: “If yer seein that wee imaginary man aside ye again, yer breather’s fawn aff – get it back oan or ye’ll dee!”

Weel they’re richt an they’re wrang.

A ahm real and ahm here tae tell ye that that stane’s worth gazzillions.

I’m also tellin ye they’re right. Get yer mask back oan or ye’ll be smoort tae deith wi oot kennin it o the lack o air doon here.


goller: shout holler.

Hey Idris you know how your mates are hollerin down the mine shaft: “If you’re seeing that little imaginary man beside you again, your mask’s fallen off – get it back on or you’ll die!”

Well they’re right and they’re wrong.

I am real and I’m here to tell ye that that stone’s worth gazzillions.

I’m also telling you they’re right. Get your mask back on or you’ll be smothered to death without knowing it due to the lack of oxygen down here.

The Scottish Word: goler with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.


For those wondering why they’re using candles when they have tech like plastic breathers. They’re romantics. What can I say.

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