Unexpected detailing of peas and only peas at one single type of pea at a time by the snarky obsequious waiter in the specialist restaurant.
The Scottish Word:


And if sir will only tak a taste o the Thomas Laxton ahm drappin here – ye’ll find that unlike the pickant, tho sweet nebbiness o yer previous Early Perfection yiv jist swallied – that it’ll be like a cleansin souch o fragrant herbs oer the roof o yir mooth.

An is sir no goin tae sample the delights o Misty Shell, Kelvendon Wonder, Wando, Sabre, Green Arrow and Garden Sweet yiv still goat remainin oan yir plate?

Dae ye want me tae remind ye again which yin is which?

Fur a man as yersel I hairtily regaird ye tae the Garden sweet variety, but mind! Scoop it up. Dinni stab it.


souch: deep sigh, breath, heavy breathing, the wind.

The Scottish Word: souch with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

And if sir will only take a taste of the Thomas Laxton I am dropping here – you will find that unlike the sharp, though sweet nippy quality of the previous Early Perfection you have just swallowed – that it will be like a cleansing breath of fragrant herbs over the palate.

And is sir not going to sample the delights of Misty Shell, Kelvendon Wonder, Wando, Sabre, Green Arrow and Garden Sweet that you still have left on your plate?

Do you want me to remind you again which one is which?

For a man such as yourself I heartily recommend the Garden Sweet variety, but remember! Scoop it up. Do not stab it.

For those who fuss over peas.

I’m sorry to say that to me the taste of one pea variety over another is not that greatly different although I love and grow them.

So if anyone who has taste in peas wants to jump in with their expertise then I will change the waiter’s recommendations.

On your advice I will relate the taste descriptions to any particular varieties’ actual taste. Obviously I still need the breath of fragrant herbs bit – and keep it all pompous.

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