Islanders caught on a disappearing tropical island as the sea rises to its highest.
The Scottish Word:


Gi’im peace woman it soothers the loun in this time o trial.

It cam in wi the flotsam frae the noo gigantic gyres o aw the junk frae aw the flooded leids aroond the warld.

Gaithered thegither by the gurlie grumlie global currents.

It’s a reid neb frae a charity in the UK frae lang back afore London wiz flooded by oor rising seas. In the days weel afore they gied up plastic an oil.


soother: to calm, to pacify

Give him peace woman it calms the boy in this time of trial.

It came in with the flotsam from the now gigantic gyres of all the junk from all the flooded lands around the world.

Gathered together by the stormy unsettled global currents.

It’s a red nose from a charity in the UK from ages before London was flooded by our rising seas. In the days well before they gave up plastic and oil.

The Scottish Word: soother with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.


Refugees are with us and come not only from war and oppression but increasingly from our unfolding environmental disaster that causes worsening storms, flood, fire, famine, lack of drinking water and unlivable heat. It is happening now and is steadily increasing.

It is a problem we need to come to terms with no matter our feelings on race, creed or colour. Please do not abandon your fellow beings.

If you can give please do. The future is not as stable as we are in the habit of imagining, even for us, in the West.

Red Nose Day.

Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day is a charity I support in the UK and some of its money is going to help refugees.

Please donate to them or to where you can. No matter how small. A lot of small things add up.

If you claim poverty remember that poverty is relative and what might be an insignificant amount to you can be a lot to another. Give what you can.

Please Donate to Comic Relief Here. Red Nose Day.

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