Spectators on a balcony looking down on a training ground where a police sergeant fires a blunderbuss of snuff at an assailant causing him to collapse in fits of sneezing. The device is labelled in the drawing as a snuff gun with poff, click, achoo and achoo as captions.
The Scottish Word:


Mebbe we shouldnae hae caw’d it a Snuff Gun riotstormfuhrer Senga.

Especially since we ken yer in a fyke aboot the dwine in yuisible orrasters doon tae oor inventive an snar polisin o aw the protests.

But it fires sneesh n a wee bit wacky baccy tae hermelessly negate the protest a bit mair non lethally by sneeshterin them intae bein liftit.

We wull o course change the name.

So sorry tae huv caused ye tae visit. Please accept oor apologies.


sneesh: snuff, to grind, sneeze.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have called it a snuff gun riotstormfuhrer Senga.

Especially since we know you’re worried about the decline in viable workers due to our inventive and robust policing of all the protests.

But it fires snuff and a little cannabis to harmlessly neutralise the protest a bit more non lethally by sneezing them into custody.

We will of course change the name.

So sorry to have caused you to visit. Please accept our apologies.

The Scottish Word: sneesh with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

The Grey People

There’s always a tall grey administrator and his staff to support and enable the fascist.

Those grey people are those of us who just want the world to be as comfortable as we’ve always known it.

And will carry on doing business as usual while evil prospers and the world burns – as long as it’s not burning us.

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