Janitor offering the next child in line the chance to shovel dusty coal into the blazing furnace.
The Scottish Word:


Right lads, hands up for wha’s next for wantin a shot o the jannie’s shuil.


shot: taking a turn.

Right boys, hands up for who is next to get a turn of using the janitor’s shovel.


Pee stains in the snow.

At my primary school the outside playground toilets had been built without a roof, the reason which I imagined was that it helped them self clean and certainly dissipated the smell of small children’s wee.

The urinals for boys was a high long slab of Victorian white porcelain with a channel along the base. We used to stand in a row and compete to see who could pee up and over the wall the highest. Non circumcised had the advantage.

And the story of the janitor is true. I was one of these boys who got to hang out in the boiler house and shovel coal.

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