A wasp laden sandwich rich picnic.
The Scottish Word:


“Yiv a bit o jeelie on yir semmit.”


semmit: vest.

“You have a spot of jam on your vest.”

The Scottish Word: semmit with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

2 thoughts on “Semmit.

    1. Possibly since spelling was not a worry for writers in Scots, the Scottish dictionaries I have are full of alternative spellings of words.

      I did find another meaning for that one though. Simmen or Simmit etc.: A rope made of heather, grass, rushes, or esp. straw or objects and clothes made from same.

      I was at exhibition a good many years back now of clothes and other objects made from sea grass. It was the work of an Islander Angus MacPhee who fought in the great war of 1914 and was committed in 1946 with schizophrenia. He never spoke while in hospital and making these things were a comfort to him.

      The community he came from back in the pre wars days of his parents it was not uncommon wear. The locals not having such easy access to the mainland to trade as today and the sea shore Marram grass (muirineach) was a plentiful resource for them.

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