Cats looking at a chap with a cat with a bandaged ear resting on his bandaged arm, in a sling.
The Scottish Word:


He climbed up and gart us aw tae faw oot o a tree we didni need rescuing frae and made me scart mha lug intae the bargain.

Look at him noo, aw fixed, the muckle sad sapsie coof that he is.

But he’s oor rescue hooman, we ken his fauts ahn we’ll stick wi him.

Besides, despite his fecklessness he is saft tae land on.

Ye ken whit Newton sez – o aw things that faw, a cat’ll be the last tae land, apart frae the feathers.


scart: scratch, scrape.

He climbed up and caused us all to fall from a tree that we didn’t need rescuing from and made me scrape my ear into the bargain.

Look at him now, all fixed, the big sad weak willed rogue that he is.

But he is our rescue human, we know his faults and we will stick with him.

Besides, despite his incompetence he is soft to land on.

You know what Newton says – of all things that fall a cat will be the last to land, apart from the feathers.

The Scottish Word: scart with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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