A man and three creatures run along an alien beach under the stars.
The Scottish Word:


Rin rin Sneddon o the pen, keep up wi Malky yer bird and stap yer huizle.

If we mak guid time we kin tak the currach and navigate tae the hidden Firth o the Black Winter Gowan usin oor chart in the sky afore it sets at the loom o morn – forivir.

I’ll gie ye that this mowrie maks rinnin hard ahn sair.

Yet no a bit o channer frae Babbington humphin his heavy buik an him wi his saft saft Lizard feet.

So think oan an crack oan.


rin, rinnin: run, running.

Run run Sneddon of the pen, keep up with Malky your bird and stop your wheezing.

If we make good time we can take the coracle and navigate to the hidden Inlet of the Black Winter Daisy using our chart in the sky before it sets at the first crack of the dawn – forever.

I will admit this beach of mixed gravel and sand makes running difficult and painful.

Yet not a hint of grumbling from Babbington carrying his heavy book with his soft soft Lizard feet.

Consider that – if you will – and hurry on.

The Scottish Word: rin with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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