Young redcoat asks the wrong Mother Superior the wrong question while his colleagues grin with expectation.
The Scottish Word:


“Hud on you! Are ye a loun or a quine?”


quine, quyne, quean: girl.

“Wait a moment you! Are you a boy or a girl?”

[quine spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

The Scottish Word: quine with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

2 thoughts on “Quine.

  1. quine presumable rhymes with twine when spelled quean does it still rhyme with twine, or does it now rhyme with queen?

    1. I’ve ever only heard it as quine rhyming with twine [kwəin]. Not heard it as queen but me saying that isn’t authoritative and a quick online search didn’t turn up any guidance, even the online SND doesn’t provide phonetics and Forvo the all the words in the world pronounced web site (under Scots Gaelic) quëan is waiting for a brave soul to add his voice. The 1984 paper Scots dictionary though indicates the queen pronunciation [kwin] is no longer current.

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