brotherly love on camping trip.
The Scottish Word:


“If you proadge at me again – yer gettin a lampin.”


proadge: make poking or prodding movements with a long instrument.

“If you prod with that long instrument at me again you are getting a beating.”

[proadge spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

Illustration Friday. Cocoon.

Was intending to go walking today with my two sons but it was raining. They are still in bed. Teenagers. Huh.

Nothing wrong with hill walking in Scotland in the rain. It’s the rain that makes the hills as magnificently green, blue and purple as they are.

Without our rain and relative cold the fantastic silver and golden beaches we have in the West would be buried under hotels and ugly residences built by the unnecessarily wealthy.

Visit the West Coast on the rare right day and it beats the Mediterranean.

Anyway it is not the rain that put us off, it’s just that the walking is not so enjoyable with cold wet feet. I need to get my boys better footwear.

I myself have very good well built water resistant boots that are older than my oldest son.

As sketched in foreground of the illustration.

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