Fifteen foot high tame frog on the end of a string with a dead Velociraptor hanging out of its mouth.
The Scottish Word:


“Nae worries pal. Whether muckle or wee me an Prince Fearless here will tak care o a’ the raptors.”


muckle: big.

“No problem dear new acquaintance. Whether large or small, myself and Prince Fearless here will take care of all the raptors.”

[muckle spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

Illustration Friday. fearless.

It’s true that humans and Dinosaurs did not exist in the same time period.

But it’s too good a combination to not put together.

I have a friend who when stressed about ecological disasters thinks of things in geological time.

He did train as a geologist.

I saw the concept described quite well on TV tonight.

Imagine geological time as a distance.

Such as from your shoulder to your fingertip.

Then you could remove all human existence from it with a single scrape of a nail file.

Yes. In the longer term the earth would heal completely and continue quite nicely without us.

Probably for several arm lengths more as well.

The Scottish Word: muckle with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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