Two idiots, one concentrating telepathic vibes at an angry looking alien long legged bird stalking away. The second man about to slap the other on the back encouragingly.
The Scottish Word:


Staun bye Dusknötte!

Here’s a guid sturdy gowf tae the back o yer napper.

It’ll poust even mair stievely yer moyen oot o yer bonnie blue een tae bring thon Xburd doon.

I read it in a buik.


moyen, moyan, moyean, myen, myan: power or ability to exert influence or act as intermediary.

Stand by Dusknötte!

Here’s a fine sturdy blow to the back of your head.

It’ll power even more strongly your influence out from your pretty blue eyes to bring that Xbird down.

I read it in a book.

The Scottish Word: moyen with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.


Scottish saying.
“Moyen does muckle, but money does mair”
“Power does a huge amount but money does more” (politics, then as now).

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