Man sitting behind a big laptop with sunglasses maybe and headphones on while a small girl berates him.
The Scottish Word:


I ken yer no playin Tetris uncle Erchie. What are ye daein? Yer no even lookin at that screen.

Yiv goat yer visual reality specs oan huvn’t ye?

Yer no workin fur Israeli intelligence again are ye, guyin bomb drones intae mithers, bairns, hospitals an doctors? Again!? Yer a sair coorse meschant o a sot – so ye are!


meschant: wicked, bad, evil, offensive.

I know you’re not playing Tetris uncle Erchie. What are ye doing? Your not even looking at that screen.

You’ve got your visual reality specs on haven’t you?

You’re not working for Israeli intelligence again are you, guiding bomb drones into mothers, babies, hospitals and doctors? Again!? You’re a grievous coarse heinous fool – indeed you are!

The Scottish Word: meschant with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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