Small monkey perched on the captains head screeching loudly.
The Scottish Word:


Tis a feat indeed Captain tae get yer puggie tae skrauch at iviry bell o the watch.

But dis it no have an aff switch ataw.

It wis very droll to begin with.


scrauch, skrauch: To utter a shrill cry, to scream, shriek, shout

It is a marvelous accomplishment indeed Captain to get your monkey to scream at every bell of the watch.

But does it not have an off switch at all?

It was very amusing to begin with.

The Scottish Word: skrauch with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.


A watch is a period of four hours aboard ship making six watches per 24 hour day. The people aboard are divided up and work on given watches.

Every Half Hour.

A bell is rung every half an hour to mark time on each watch. Eight bells signaled the end of a watch and the changeover of crew to begin the next.

The watches are: the Morning Watch 4am-8am, Forenoon Watch 8am-12am, Afternoon Watch 12am-4pm, Dog Watch 4pm-8pm (often split into two to allow for dinner, first dog watch, second dog watch). Then First Watch 8pm-12pm midnight, and Middle Watch 12pm-4am.

The Bells.

Each watch was split by the bell thus:
00:30 1 bell;
01:00 2 bells;
01:30 2 bells, pause, 1 bell;
02:00 2 bells, pause, 2 bells;
02:30 2 bells, pause, 2 bells, pause, 1 bell;
03:00 2 bells, pause, 2 bells, pause, 2 bells;
03:30 2 bells, pause, 2 bells, pause, 2 bells, pause, 1 bell;
04:00 2 bells, pause, 2 bells, pause, 2 bells, pause, 2 bells.

The Graveyard Watch.

People who are gravely ill or are fatally wounded are more likely to die in the morning.

This had been remarked upon by naval surgeons who noticed their patients were most likely to expire at such times and coined the term the graveyard watch. Studies have shown that this is true and probably due to our internal tides AKA circadian rhythms and the most common time is found to be 11am.

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