Mouse about to dive into tea insisting on particular safety arrangements.
The Scottish Word:


Ah ken ye think ahm bein fykerie but ahm no diving in there wi-oot that lifebelt. Throw it in.

Noo, is there enough sugar? Ye ken I like twa lumps.

Ahn tak a tot o the temperature while yer at it. Ahm no wantin it too cauld.

Ah hope it’s no ower strong. It looks gey dark tae me. Did ye gie it a steer?


fykerie: fusspot, a fussy pernickety person, fastidiousness over trifles.

I know that you think I am being a fusspot but I am not diving in there without that lifebelt. Throw it in.

Now is there enough sugar. You know I like two lumps.

And take a small sample of the temperature while you’re at it. I am not desiring it to be too cold.

I hope it is not over strong. It looks rather dark to me. Did you give it a stir?

The Scottish Word: fykerie with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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