Two dogs commenting on a third who is having a good scratch at itself!
The Scottish Word:


“The ‘McSporran Flech Relief Collar’ is whit he needs.”


flech: to scratch oneself, usually vigorously; also: a flea.

“The ‘McSporran Relief from scratching because of fleas Collar’ is what he needs.”

[flech spelled out in phonetic alphabet.]

We’ve been visiting the local dog shelter to get a dog.

This is a trauma all round as we can only manage a small to medium sized dog, well behaved, and preferably with short hair.

You feel bad leaving after saying hello to all the dogs and not being able to find one to take home.

Particularly the (many) Staffies which I know are not the fierce dogs some people believe them to be. But it’s not the type of dog we want.

All dogs are dangerous. It’s how you bring them up that makes the difference.

I’ve been bitten by dogs, cats, rat, guinea pig (accident), horse, eel, beetle, goat, budgies, shrews, midge, mosquito, ticks, fleas and horsefly.

Apart from the horsefly the worst experience was the rat and not because it was painful and bloody or that I was five at the time.

It was because my loving pet dog tore the rat to shreds afterwards right in front of my eyes.

That is what even a nice and not too big a dog’s teeth can do.

I tell this story as a warning and show off the scar to my kids.

But sadly it’s not really the rat scar, I didn’t get one, it’s the scar from when I nearly sawed my thumb off.

Which is not such a good story.

The Scottish Word: flech with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

One thought on “Flech.

  1. My little brother thought he knew how to handle a hand held circular saw, nearly cut his leg off. He hires his work done now. I just keep getting more scars.

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