Crab gesticulating madly at a free diver, observed by a laconic fish, as a great monster looms out of the deep behind them.
The Scottish Word:


If only ye’d kent semaphore ahn peyd heed tae thon cruban doon there flaggin the danger tae ye wi its cleuks ye micht both hae been saved.

Noo as it stauns one o ye’s goin doon

Ahn ah dinni think it’ll be the cruban – brave hairted crustacean that she is.


cruban: a crab. From the Gaelic.

If only you had known semaphore and paid attention to that crab flagging you of the danger with its claws you might both have been saved.

Now as it stands one of you is going down.

And I don’t think it will be the crab, brave hearted crustacean that she is.


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