Man being berated for his self built self charging smoky green electric tricycle by an old mechanic in oily overalls and his dog.
The Scottish Word:


Yir wrang! if ye kin hear me oer the din.

A two stroke ingine jined tae a generator tae chairge yer batteries tae drive yer electric motors isni the tosh environmental reddit ye think it is – in my opeenion.

Are mha een waterin?


tosh: neat, tidy, trim, smart.

You’re wrong! if you can hear me over the din.

A two stroke engine joined to a generator to charge your batteries to drive your electric motors is not the tidy environmental fix you think it is – in my opinion.

Are my eyes watering?

The Scottish Word: tosh with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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