Andrew Neil and Alex Salmond playing bagpipes with George Galloway back and forth under their kilts.
The Scottish Word:


Yince men o mense noo peutherin ahn vaigin, sprosers aw.

Crankie, pauchtie an fu o blaw an buller.

Yin like the ithir, the auld gaird huddin tae their paps aw what is auld, foosty ahn past its yis.

Wha need tae staun aside o the up an coming yonkers wi ideas o this age boun tae tak the challenge.

Awa ye auld blawhards.


sprose, sproze: To boast, brag, make a great show, swagger.

Once men of worth now wheedling and fussing after favour, gadding about, braggarts and boasters all.

touchy, self-important and full of wind and bluster.

Any one much like the other, the old guard holding to their bosoms all that is old, stale and past its sell by date.

Who need to stand aside out of the way of the up and coming youngsters with ideas of this age ready to take on the challenge.

Away you old blowhards.

The Scottish Word: sprose with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Political Cartoons.

l don’t get angry regularly enough to try making many political cartoons but these three are annoying me mightily with their self regard trumping whatever great cause they claim for themselves.

The Me first brigade seems to be in the ascendancy. Any cause they adopt is used to get the ‘Me Me Me Me’ into the spotlight and would be dropped if it didn’t. Bring back politics with (at least some) integrity.

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