Amazing female control of the especially bred naked stupid male hairy racers.
The Scottish Word:


Whitivir ye dae hud ticht tae the lugs an dinni let go otherwyse they forget we’re oan their backs in control ahn stert tae stravaig aw oer the place.

They’re that tumshie heidit.

It’s the cost o breedin big frae pure American misogynistic racist stock – tae get the daeless speed ye ken.

Ahn dinni attempt tae hud oan tae the birse, it’s ower creishy, ye’ll slip aff.


itherwyse, otherwayis, otherwyse, orderwas, itherwayis: or else, otherwise.

Whatever you do hold tight to the ears and do not let go or else they forget we’re on their backs in control and begin to rampage mindlessly all over the place.

They are that stupid (turnip headed).

It’s the cost of breeding big from pure American misogynist racist stock – to get the mindless speed you understand.

And do not attempt to hold on to the back thatch of bristly hair, it’s too greasy, you’ll slip off.

The Scottish Word: otherwayis with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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