Unending attempts at telephone sales try the patience of a clown.
The Scottish Word:

Hee haw inaw.

Hee haw Inaw – ah’m jist daein a job here all polite an all like. There’s nae need tae tak the mick. Goodby.


hee haw inaw: sarcastic response indicating that something was anything but funny – to the recipient. It amounted to nothing in effect.

“Indeed, very funny I don’t think – I am just trying to do a job here as pleasantly as I can and earn a wage. Your attempt at humour was not appreciated, and indeed was not funny in any way, and you made me feel bad. Goodby.”

[hee haw inaw spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

I was that clown and I got that response of hurt from a Glasgow operator and I felt bad afterwards. It’s the cold call companies that are the pain not the (polite) operators.

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