Gollum retrieving his ring from the water in the luminous cavern.
The Scottish Word:


The grochlin ‘n gobbin as he creeps aboot the tunnels aye gies plenty o warnin Gollum’s aboot.

Guid job he disni ken we kin climb up oot o the watter tae hide amongst the stalactites, cracks an fissures oan the ceiling.

Mind. Afore he turned up there wisni nearly sic a bricht green phosphorescence aboot the place. We kin see.

Wha’d hae thoucht grochle wid huv its place?


grochle: spit, to spit, phlegm, clear one’s throat noisily and wetly.

The clearing of his throat to bring up phlegm and spitting lumpy lumps of spit as he creeps about the tunnel always gives plenty of warning Gollum is about.

Good job he does not know that we can climb up out of the water to hide amongst the stalactites, cracks and fissures on the ceiling.

If you recall however, before he turned up there was not nearly as much green phosphorescence about the place. We can see.

Who would have thought green slimy mucus would have its own usefulness.
The Scottish Word: grochle with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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