Man strapped to the clapper in a giant bell.
The Scottish Word:


Ahm strapped in here determined tae get some mense dinged intae me this New Year.

Tae mak me prepared tae resist aw through 2018 them that falsely claim they are oor elders ahn betters.

It’s noo particularly obvious that they canni manage or lead.

They are nithin but foo o privilege, bluff, lees ahn bluster. Wi nae evidence o ability, competence or humility at aw.

So Ta muckle for helpin me up here.

Happy new year tae ye.


ding: knock, beat or strike.

I am strapped in here determined to get some common sense and intelligence knocked into me this New Year.

To prepare me to resist all through 2018 those that falsely claim to be our elders and betters.

It is now particularly obvious that they cannot manage or lead.

They are nought but full of privilege, bluff, lies and bluster. With no evidence of ability, competence or humility at all.

So thank you so much for helping me up here.

Happy New Year.

The Scottish Word: ding with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

The Bells.

It’s a tradition in Scotland that the bells ring out at midnight to welcome in the New Year.

And a ‘wee’ dram is taken.

I assume it is also true in many other countries, so I hope the meaning of what is about to happen, at midnight, in the cartoon is clear.

It’s a terrible thing that politics has sunk so low in Western democracies that this poor guy has been driven to ding his head with a bell.

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