Naked man left bereft comforted by a ned as Borris makes off with all his belongings.
The Scottish Word:


Yiv bin bojoed pal.

Ye’ll never see yer duds again.

Yir awright – we aw get bojoed.


bojoed: swindled, fooled out of something, conned.

You have been swindled my friend.

You’ll never see your belongings again.

You will be OK – we all get bojoed.

The Scottish Word: bojoed with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

A Scottish Word?

Is it? I decided it is because Scott Reid uses it so effectively in the short video Permanent Sunshine from a series of videos commissioned by the Guardian about Brexit.

And I have also heard it used in this way by Glaswegians.

Excerpt from the script:
in Glaswegian
Haw. Nightmare, eh? You and me, eyeball to eyeball. How very dare I. What’s next? Fisticuffs? Swearing? Fae me? Faraging swearing? Use the words for love tae insult ye? My names for joyful tenderness inside yer heid? Naw. (Beat) Are ye feart?

in Fastidious Received Pronunciation.
Or are you not absolutely aware of my meaning?

Back to Glaswegian and he moves on
Course you dinnae know what I’m talking about, you’re no me. An ye think empathy’s optional…

Read the full script here.

Watch the video from written by AL Kennedy and performed by Scott Reid here.

2 thoughts on “Bojoed.

    1. It was Scott Reid and the script of the permanent sunshine video that inspired it, so it is kinda a cartoon that arrived sideways and unplanned. The semi likeness to Corben is totally accidental. So fair comment.
      Also it’s not difficult to draw the likeness of a man viewed from the rear that wears a mop on his head and suits as if they are sacks.

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