Two wee men working inside a giant head with the cranium flipped open while a fellow giant stares at them.
The Scottish Word:


Dinni worry aboot the real giant alien clockin us daein the repairs tae oor counterfeit Tarquin, they’re no awfie sparkie.

Their harn canni hack the camstairy uptak.

It’ll gang inta ootricht denial in a second ahn we’re as guid as invisible.

Ahve seen it afore. It’ll be like it nivir happened – show them a photie o us ahn they’ll cry fake news.


sparkie: bright, sharp witted.

Don’t worry about the real giant alien seeing us doing the repairs to our counterfeit Tarquin, They are not awfully bright.

Their brains cannot handle the cognitive dissonance.

It will go into outright denial in a second and then we are as good as invisible.

It will be like it never happened – confront them with photographic evidence of this and they’ll claim fake news.

The Scottish Word: sparkie with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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