Lit match causes idiot's head to explode in a fire cloud.
The Scottish Word:


Yiv blowdered yer pow intae orbit agin an I doot I’ll be able tae retrieve this time tae stick it back.

It’s no like ye hivni been warned o aw the dangers o scorchin oot yer neb hair wi a lit match. Is it?

Parteeclarly when ye ken yiv a habit o daein it at the same time as sampling yer exotic pouthery snuffs.

It Disni Mix.


pow: the head, crown of the head, scalp, skull.

You’ve blown the top of your head into orbit again and I doubt that I will be able to retrieve it this time to stick it back.

It is not as if you have not been warned of the dangers of scorching out your nose hairs with a lit match. Is it?

Particularly when you know you have a habit of doing it at the same time that you are sampling your exotic powdery snuffs.

It Does Not Mix.

The Scottish Word: Pow with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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