A two button mouse only seems symmetrical.
The Scottish Word:

Pally Jeukit.

“Dae ye huv onie pally jeukit option aataw wi this moose?”


pally jeukit: left handed.

“Do you have any left handed option at all with this mouse?”

[pally jeukit spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]
The Scottish Word: pally jeukit with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

3 thoughts on “Pally Jeukit.

  1. My late work colleague Bill Collins was from St. Marys in Dundee and used Pally Jeukit regularly.
    His mother lived in the Plettys and was in her mid 70’s, used to get the newspapers and rolls for the “auld fowk” in the block.

    1. I understood and use it too. Drew that cartoon back in 2005 when I didn’t check the words against any reference.

      I do nowadays – mainly to settle on the most commonly used spelling.

      I’m not a scholar but I do know pally means weak or stunted and deukit means dodgy as in ‘deuk’ duck about. Which your less used hand does if you try and write legibly with it.

      So it’s your weak hand that is also difficult to control. Which if you’re left handed would instead be the right hand in all fairness.

      That’s as near as I can get. Worryingly it’s not a phrase on the Scottish National Dictionary site. Not that I could find anyway.

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