Giant alien in an unusual breather suit on an alien world gripping in its claws a man in a wig and kilt.
The Scottish Word:


Noo you’ll notice hoo ma muckle mou is kept clear o this breathin apparatus which intubates me via ma neb.

Tae be clear this’s been designed that wye tae keep mha mou free tae gobble up morsels like yersel.

Hoo-ivir as it’s Scottish ingineerin that provided the kit and designed ahn built it ahm gonna let ye go.

But if I find oot yir a sassenach guisin then…


mou, moo: mouth

Now you will have noticed how my big mouth is kept clear of this breathing apparatus which intubates me via my nose.

To be clear this thing has been designed that way so as to keep my mouth free to gobble up morsels such as yourself.

However as it is Scottish engineering that provided the kit and designed and built it I am going to let you go.

But if I find out that you are other than a Scott in fancy dress then…

The Scottish Word: mou with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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