Two giant purple humanoid aliens tattooed with clockwork motifs loom over a grey landscape of shiny green jelly monoliths where two small pink human creatures are hiding. One of the aliens is angrily correcting a clock face on one of the slab monoliths.
The Scottish Word:


They’re The Creator’s Watchmakers. On an unrelenting raik to ensure that the exact time o The Creator is oan aw the clocks o the Universe.

They go brainwode if yir clocks are wrang. Ahn they’re no blind.

So dinni let them see yer watch, it’s been stopped for months.

They’ve malkied hail civilisations fur less.


malkie: a thorough and severe beating, sliced with razors.

They’re The Creator’s Watchmakers. On an unrelenting trek to ensure that the exact time of The Creator is on all the clocks of the Universe.

They become very angry if one’s clocks are wrong. And they are not blind.

So don’t let them see your watch, it’s been stopped for months.

They’ve destroyed whole civilisations for less.

The Scottish Word: malkie with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

The Watchmaker.

The Watchmaker is an analogy used to support arguments for the existence of a God of the universe.

The idea is “just as watches are set in motion by watchmakers, after which they operate according to their pre-established mechanisms, so also was the world begun by God as Creator, after which it and all its parts have operated according to their pre-established natural laws. With these laws perfectly in place, events have unfolded according to the prescribed plan.”

The Blind Watchmaker.

The blind watchmaker refutes the watchmaker argument by showing that there is no need of a vastly more complex creator to build a complex design and uses examples from science to demonstrated the development of wonderful complexity in nature arising from simple beginnings as a result of pure randomness coupled with cumulative selection.

Divine Intelligence.

Neither proves nor disproves the idea of a greater intelligence surrounding us but the authority is removed from those that want to make us prisoners of a pre-ordained will from above.

An overreaching intelligence might be Compassionate and loving but don’t equate compassionate and loving with kindness and personal interest. Love and compassion can often appear cruel and uncaring.

And sadly cruelty and hate can also be made to masquerade as care and compassion by leaders who want to conquer. See Gaza and Ukraine amongst others in the world.

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