Skilled and experienced workers without certificates and wonderful paper qualifications do not register in this modern world.
The Scottish Word:


“Sorry pal nae darg fur you. Ye’ve nae masters in sheugh howkin an are lackin onie degrees in baring a quarry or for biggin a dyke an yir health an safety license is oot o’ date.”


darg: work, a days work.

“Sorry pal no work for you. You do not have a masters in ditch digging and you are lacking any degrees in clearing a quarry or for field boundary wall building and your health and safety license is out of date.”

[darg spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

The Twa Dugs
A cotter howckin in a sheugh
Wi’ dirty stanes biggin a dyke,
Baring a quarry, an sic like,
Himsel, a wife, he thus sustains,
A smytrie o’ wee duddie weans,
An nought but his han’-darg, to keep
Them right an tight in thack an rape.


By Robert Burns who ascribed to the landless and near destitute labourers of the Ayrshire Countryside the virtues of literacy, intelligence and a sufficient social and spiritual grace.

You need a lot of learning but probably not much intelligence to get a chance at a job nowadays. What’s happening to those with real practical experience who don’t care for bits of paper to prove it?

It seems nurses will need a degree in nursing soon to keep their job. Is it to improve the quality of nursing? No! It’s a scam so educational institutions can further justify their overweened existence.

The Scottish Word: darg with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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