Man screaming with a twisted finger while another man with twisted leg under massive boulder scolds him - in a remote canyon.
The Scottish Word:


Wheesht min, dinni be sae daeless!

it’s a boolder drapped oan ma leg no a chuckie, gie yer finger a rest.

Tak a look an see hoo bad’s the leg an if we need tae phone the mountain rescue.


daeless, deeless: helpless, feeble, useless

Quieten yourself man, don’t be so feeble! It’s a boulder that dropped on my leg not a pebble. Give your finger a rest.

Take a look to see how bad the leg is and if we need to phone the mountain rescue.

The Scottish Word: daeless with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

The injury featured is a slight injury compared to a real world one I was told about last week, which prompted my drawing.

I was getting logs delivered and the delivery man had been working with a tree-surgeon who’d had his leg grabbed by a stump grinding machine.

And whatever horrors you’re imagining, if you have not seen a stump grinding machine in action, are not nearly horrific enough.

The story I was told was that the man with the mangled leg stayed eerily calm and collected while his colleague on site did the right things that kept him alive till help arrived, was taken to hospital and the remains of the leg removed.

A prosthetic now allows him to carry on his trade, and with a recovery time of six months, at the time I was told of it.

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